A FREE competition to stave off the boredom and document the un usual times we find ourselves in.
For people of all abilities

Registration has now closed
If you register in time you will have had the theme and submission date by now – good luck!!

Adults (14 years and over)
Prize for winner – €50 of art materials 
Facebook peoples vote winner –  No prize just for fun

The competition to create a work of art within a specified list of disciplines – paint, draw, sketch, create and more! 

Theme for competition emailed to you with 24 hours of registering, so earlier you register the more time you have to complete the project.  

You have to finish and submit the completed artwork by  10pm Thursday 7th May. We will accept entry registration up to the 30th April.

All entries to be submitted via online form (to be emailed to participating artists after start date) by Saturday 7th May by 10pm